Crepes originated from Brittany in west of France in the Middle Ages as
a replacement for bread when wheat was in short supply. The delicate,
round cakes of eggs, flour, milk and butter were traditionally cooked on
a hot griddle and spread thin using a smooth wooden rake.

The Concept

CrÍpes are thin, round, soft, easy to cook and filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. The exclusive egg less batter is poured onto a round griddle and spread thin using a smooth wooden rake.Crepes are cooked quickly, in front of the customer, creating a theatrical effect in a pristine clean environment.Today, crepes are enjoyed all over France at any time of the day. Itís also very common to include this delicacy for special occasionís, such as Mardi Gras.

Crepes are found at many locations around the U.S.A. and with their popularity on the rise, crepes are becoming as well known as hamburgers, burritos, wraps, pizzas and hot dogs. Especially in todayís fast-paced, health-conscious world, crepes are a convenient fast food, low in fat, made with healthy ingredients, and ready to eat even when youíre on the go. Crepes are popular in markets like Europe, Japan, Australia and US

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